Git Tutorial 01 – What is Git

In this episode I give a brief introduction to the Git Version Control System.


Git is a distributed version control system, originally written by Linus Torvalds for Linux Kernel development. It is Free and Open Source software. You can get it for Linux, Mac and Windows (either native or cygwin). There are also plugins for Eclipse, etc, so you don’t have to work from a terminal like me.

This video just tries to convey what makes working with a distributed version control system different and better. Nothing too strenuous just yet. If you are a Git guru, I am aware that I am glossing over some details in this video. This is intentional, and I hope to cover some of these details in later videos, or at least in the accompanying text. Still, I welcome any and all feedback and suggestions.

Also, I apologise in advanced for my terrible tablet handwriting skills.