Git Tutorial 03 – Pushing & Pulling

In the last video, we just looked at adding files and commiting changes. This is great, but remember that in Git, commits are local. In this video we look at how we can set up remote repositories that we can push data to, either to use as backups, or for sharing with others.


I cannot believe I messed up the remote path that many times! I am sorry about that. Of course, the side effect is you learnt how to both add and remove remotes. So yeah… I did that on purpose.

At this point, we can create a project or join an existing one. We can add files and commit changes. We can push our changes to remotes, and fetch changes that other people have made. This is all great. However, we haven’t touched on one of Git’s most powerful features. I am of course talking about branching and merging. This will be the priority for the next video.

Again, any feedback is much appreciated.